Alan Bern Klezmer $25.95
14 classic Yiddish melodies in intermediate and progressive arrangements. Bern adds helpful tips on performance and his notes on all of the pieces. For intermediate players.

All Time Klezmers $15.95
18 songs, including My Sorrow, After an Old Fairytale, Joy, There Has To Be Freedom, Let's Dance, Sorrows and Luck, Freedom, and more.

Balkan Melodies for Accordion $12.99
Includes various songs from countries such as Slovenia, Croatia, Dalmatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Serbia

Balkan Musik $19.99
Includes various songs including Bobik Dzjour mi era, Graovsko Horo, Petruninio, and many others.

Eastern European Songs for Accordion $19.99
Includes CD! Great book with lots of varied rhythms and keys. Includes Klezmer, Sevdah, and Balkan songs.

Jewish Songs for Accordion $9.99
Song List: Adon Olam (Master of the Word), Amen Shem Nora (Amen the Name of the Light), Artsa Alinu, Avinu Malkenu (God Our King), Choson Kale Mazel Tov (Good Luck to the Bride and Groom), David Melech Yisrael, Der Rebbe Elimelech (The Rabbi Elimelech), Frailach (Happy), Hatikvah (With Hope), Hava Nagila, I Have A Little Dreydl, Im Eshkachech (If I Will Ever Forget You Jerusalem), Ma Navu (How Welcome on the Mountains), Ma Nishtana (What Is The Difference), Od Yishama (Again May There Be Heard), Sher (Dance), Sherele (Little Dance), Tum Balalaika (Play the Balalaika)

Klezmer Musik $19.99
Song List: Auf dem Fluss brennt ein Feuer, Auf der Moldowanka spielt Musik, Awiglid I II III, Beim Angeln, Chosjajka, Dem fartex farborn, Der Kutscher, Die Sohne, Die Zimbel, Ein Brief aus Amerika, Freileks, Jiddischer Tanz, Jiddisches Lied, Lasst uns Brezeln kaufen, Lopni no sdirje fasson, Meine liebe Mama, Meine Stadt, Scalande, Shrecklich laut ist es bei Schkaresona Zuhaus, Tischmusik

Klezmer and Sephardic Tunes $19.99
Includes CD. From the same series as the popular "Eastern European Tunes for Accordion" comes a book full of 33 Klezmer and Sephardic pieces for accordion. Includes: Adiyo Kerida, Durme Durme, La Tore and many more.

Magyar Muzsika $19.99
Song List: Magyar nepdalfeldolgozasok, Marosszeki kerengos, Rokatanc, Kuruc dalok, Csardas, and more.

Petar Ralchev $25.95
14 Intermediate Level Pieces for Accordion with detailed ornamentation by the foremost artist in this genre Petar Ralchev!

Eastern European and Klezmer Music Books
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