New Hohner Anacleto Accordions
Professional Lightweight Performing Accordions

All Anacleto accordions are Made in Italy and feature handmade reeds. They were created by Hohner to fulfill a niche for high quality accordions for performing professional musicians. They come in a variety of colors and designs. Anacleto is the new choice for Nortena and Latin music. Includes 90 day factory warranty.
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If you are not happy with your purchase, you may return it for up to 100% refund of the purchase price. Please contact us for more details or check out our store policies here:

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HANCNORTEIII - Hohner Anacleto Rey Del Norte III 5 Switch 34 Buttons
Diatonic Accordion 9.25" 34/12 13lbs
Reeds 3/0 LMM, Registers 5/0
Available in FBbEb (Fa) or GCF (Sol)
Includes Straps and Case
HANCTTSBUAL - Hohner Anacelto Rey del Norte TT Two Tone 34 Buttons
Diatonic Accordion 9" 34/12 14lbs
Reeds 4/0 MMMM, Registers 6/0
Two Tone Available in Fa-Sol, Fa-Mi, or Sol-Mi
Includes Straps and Hard Case
HANCIII3472R - Hohner Anacleto Latino III Decorated Red LMM 34 72
Piano Accordion 15.5" 34/72 17lbs
Reeds 3/4 LMM, Registers 5/0
Handmade reeds, Made in Italy
Includes Straps and Case
HANLIIIR48 - Red Hohner Anacleto Latino III LMM 48
Piano Accordion 14" 30/48 16lbs
Reeds 3/4 LMM, Registers 5/0
Handmade reeds, Made in Italy
Includes Straps and Case
HANCLATIII - Black Red Checkerboard Hohner Latino III LMM 34 Key 48
Piano Accordion 15.5" 34/48 15lbs
Reeds 3/4 LMM, Registers 5/0
Novel checkboard design, handmade reeds
Includes Straps and Case
HANCLATII -Hohner Anacleto Latino II MM 48
Piano Accordion 14.5" 30/48 16lbs
Reeds 2/4 MM, Registers 3/0
Beautifully decorated with handmade reeds
Includes Straps and Case
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