New Fismen Accordions
The Pro Choice for Alpine and Oberkrainer Music

Already a top choice in Germany, Austria, and Slovenia, Fismen is gaining world recognition as a specialist in Alpine style accordions. Traditional building techniques with a modern touch will bring power and beauty to your folk music. Includes 3 year factory warranty.
We Guarantee Your Satisfaction!
If you are not happy with your purchase, you may return it for up to 100% refund of the purchase price. Please contact us for more details or check out our store policies here:

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Piano Accordion 16" 34/72 20lbs
Reeds 3/4 MMM, Registers 6/0
Triple musette, gorgeous exterior
Includes Straps and Case
FIS372 - Fismen Alpine 372 Blue Marble Shadow MMM 72 $3995
Piano Accordion 18" 41/120 23lbs
Reeds 3/4 MMM, Registers 3/2
Antique silver grill, triple musette
Includes Straps and Case
FIS396 - Fismen Alpine 396 Indian Apple Antique Silver MMM 96 $3995
Piano Accordion 18" 38/96 23lbs
Reeds 4/H LMMM, Registers 10/5
Switch between Helikon and standard bass
Includes Straps and Case
FIS496MHR - Shaded Padauk Fismen Alpline 496 LMMM 96 $6995
Steirische Button Accordion 10" 48/16 16lbs
Reeds 3/H MMM, Registers 0/0
Tuned GCFBb, Helikon bass, triple musette
Includes Straps and Case
FISPROLS - Fismen Proline Leidenschaft Padauk GCFBb MMM 16 $3995
Piano Accordion 16" 34/72 20lbs
Reeds 4/4 LMMM, Registers 10/0
Antique silver grill, triple musette
Includes Straps and Case
FIS472 - Fismen Alpine 472 Yew Wood LMMM 72 $4995
Piano Accordion 19.25" 41/120 26lbs
Reeds 4/5 LMMM, Registers 10/0
Helipro bass for a professional Alpine sound
Includes Straps and Case
FIS4120 - Fismen Alpine 4120 Black Forest Helikon Pro LMMM 120 $4995
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