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Diatonic Accordion 5" 8/2 2lbs
Reeds 2/2 MM, Registers 0/0
Great toy to learn how accordions work
Includes Carton
WD8 - Woodstock Kids Diatonic Accordion 8 Button C MM 2 $25
Piano Accordion 7.5" 17/8 3lbs
Reeds 1/1 M, Registers 0/0
Ages 3+, 2 Hand Straps
Includes instruction book and box
WD17 - Woodstock Kids Piano Accordion 17 Key M 8 $35
Open Tues-Sat 10am-6pm
Call 267-815-4407
Traditinoal F Style Mandolin with Tobacco Sunburst Finish
Includes soft case
HOHAFM40TBS - Hohner F Style Mandolin with Gig Bag AFM40-TBS $349
Thin body acoustic and electric bajo quinto
Includes soft case
LBQ3TLE - Hohner H. Jimenez El Murcielago "The Bat" Thin Line Bajo Quinto $549
Top quality acoustic bajo quinto
Includes soft case
LBQ4 - Hohner H. Jimenez El Patrón "The Boss" Bajo Quinto $549
Half size Classical Nylon String Guitar
HOHC02 - Hohner HC02 Nylon String Guitar $99
Natural satin, solid spurce top, mahogany back and sides
Rosewood fingerboard with white diamond inlays
A+ 40 Pickup
Includes soft case
HOHAS355CE - Hohner Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Dreadnought Guitar $249
Traditional A Style, F Hole Mandolin with Sunburst Tobacco Finish
Includes soft case
HOHAAMTBS - Hohner A Style Mandolin with Gig Bag AAM40-TBS $249
High quality spruce top bajo quinto
Includes soft case
LBQ1 - Hohner El Estandar "The Standard" Bajo Quinto $499
Full size open back 5 string banjo
Includes soft case
HOHAOB40M Hohner AOB40-M A+ Open Back 5-String Banjo with Gig Bag $299
Full size banjo with resonator
Includes soft case
HOHARB40M - New Hohner Resonator back 5-String Banjo with Gig Bag ARB40-M $299
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